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S-Axis Motion Control, as a leading joint parts manufacturer established in Turkey, is a company with the highest standards in the industry. Our company produces a wide range of products, such as automation joint parts production, parts production for instrument industry machinery, joint production for industrial robots, automation parts production for the aviation industry, joints production for mill rollers, joint parts production for woodworking and joint parts production for earthmoving machinery. offers a range of We have always considered customer satisfaction as our priority, and in line with this principle, we maintain our leading position in the industry with our high quality products and excellent service. Each of our products is produced with state-of-the-art production equipment and the meticulous work of our expert technical team. Our quality control processes are continuously reviewed to ensure the excellent performance and durability of our products.
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S-Axis Motion Control

"Quality is the Foundation of Every Action"

S-Axis Motion Control offers you the best solutions with its state-of-the-art production equipment and experienced technical team.

Automation Joint Part Production

As S-Axis Motion Control, we specialize in the production of automation joint parts. We offer specially designed joint parts to increase the reliability and efficiency of your industrial automation systems.

Customized Joint Production

At S-Axis Motion Control, we serve you with our expertise in producing customized joint parts that exactly suit your needs. We offer custom joint parts designed to meet the unique requirements in our industry and perfectly complete your projects.

Our Skills"Precision Engineering, Universal Performance."

S-Axis Motion Control is committed to providing the best service in reliability, quality and customer satisfaction.

Precision Engineering
Flexible & Customizable
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