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About"The Key to Movement: S-Axis Motion Control"

At S-Axis Motion Control, we serve you with our expertise in producing customized joint parts that exactly suit your needs.

We offer custom joint parts designed to meet the unique requirements in your industry and perfectly complete your projects.

We Produce For You! Get detailed information about our products.

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All our products are designed with energy efficiency in mind. Their innovative systems are optimized for performance while minimizing power consumption.

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S- Series Joint

Integral yokes joints S series are precision products studied to ensure exceptionally long life at competitive prices. This extraordinary result has been achieved thanks to construction high tecnology devices and sophisticated machine tools.

SD - Series Joint

SD Series joints provide a high quality solution designed for customers seeking the reliability and performance of industrial joints. These joints are optimized for a wide range of applications and built to provide uninterrupted...

SA - Series Joint

SA Series joints offer high quality joint solutions designed for industrial applications. These joints are carefully designed to provide excellent durability, reliability and performance and are manufactured to meet various industrial...
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STM - Series Joint

STM Series joints offer first-class solutions of industrial joints designed with the latest technology. These joints are ideal for users with high expectations for durability, reliability and performance. STM Series joints...

P - Series Joints

P Series Stainless Steel Single Joint represents a premium quality product family designed to meet the high durability, excellent resistance to corrosion and precision performance requirements of industrial joints...

PA - Series Joints

PA Series Stainless Steel Expandable Gearboxes represent a high-quality product family that provides superior durability, reliability and efficiency for industrial applications. These transmissions are specifically designed...
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PD- Series Joint

The PD Series Stainless Steel Double Joint is a premium solution designed for users in industrial applications requiring excellent durability, high resistance to corrosion and precise rotating motion. This dual joint is optimized for...

L - Series Muffs

L Series Protection Muffs are high quality products that provide excellent protection and insulation for industrial applications. These Muffs are designed to protect sensitive equipment from environmental influences, wear and other harmful...

KB – Series Splined Bushes

KB Series Keyed Bushings represent a premium quality product family designed for industrial applications seeking excellent bearing solutions. These wedge bushings are made of stainless steel or special alloys that minimize friction...
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KM – Series Splined Shafts

KM-Series Keyed Shafts represent high-quality shaft solutions specifically designed for industrial applications that want to meet precision motion requirements. These splined shafts are an excellent option for many industrial...

Special Joints

Custom Made Joints offers an exclusive collection of industrial joints manufactured to specific designs and requirements. These joints are specifically designed to provide perfect fit, unmatched performance and superior durability for...

S - Series Joint

Integral yokes joints S series are precision products studied to ensure exceptionally long life at competitive prices. This extraordinary result has been achieved thanks to construction high tecnology devices and sophisticated machine tools.

Fields of ApplicationFields of Application

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Robot Automation


Food Industry


Aviation Industry

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Earth MovingMachine

Construction Industry

Tool IndustryMachine

Tool Industry Machine


Food Industry

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Underwater Exploration ForEnergy

Energy sector

Injection Molding Machine

Injection Molding Machine



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Wood Processing Industry


Textile Processing Machine


Printing Sector

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Glass Production Industry


Packaging Industry


Robot Automation

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S-Axis Motion ControlTechnical Drawings of All Our Products

S-AxisThe Process From Production to Sale

Your business’s process begins with the design and development of your product. At this stage, joint parts are designed to suit customer needs and market demands.
The materials required for the production of the products must be supplied. This may include the supply of special alloys, steels or other materials.
Materials are processed at your manufacturing facility to manufacture products. This includes casting, machining, assembly and quality control steps.
The joint parts produced are subjected to stringent quality control tests. This is done to ensure that products comply with standards and specifications.

S-AxisWhat Do We Promise for Quality

The promises you make to customers to provide quality joints increase the reliability and customer satisfaction of our business.
Use of High Quality Materials: We increase the durability and performance of our products by using the highest quality materials for our joints.
Precision Manufacturing: The precision of the joints is critical to their correct functioning. For this reason, we prioritize high precision and meticulousness in our production processes.
Strict Quality Control: We subject our products to stringent quality control procedures. Each joint part is carefully inspected and tested to verify compliance with specifications.

We Offer the Best Quality Joint Automation Parts, Supplies and After-Sales Support Services

S-Axis Motion Control is committed to providing the best service in reliability, quality and customer satisfaction. We continue to work to provide the best products and services to our customers and look forward to building on our future successes.

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